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Solution: Increase Conference/Non-Dues Revenue

Selling content:

  • Stimulate sales of your webcast library by adding an early bird rate through collaboration with your registration company.

  • Maximize on-site sales through our proprietary kiosk sales platform.

  • Boost post-conference sales through quarterly bulk mail campaigns to membership and association universe.

  • Increase access to Board Review material by recording and selling.

  • Record Pre-Meeting workshops

Selling Sponsorships:

  • Added value to sponsorship of each recorded session by providing the logo of the sponsor on the opening page of the session webcast.

  • Added value to the General Session sponsorship by offering a link to the sponsors website on the session webcast.

  • Record Satellite Symposium and include as a utility link on the webcast library with a logo and link to the sponsors website.

Add Value for Members

  • Sessions captured that attendees and members were unable to attend.

  • Continuing Education Credits, Abstracts and Poster links for easy access.

  • Data collected on sessions that are the most highly viewed so you can tailor your next conference to meet the wants of your membership base.

Staying within budget while offering additional services

  • Work with a full-service Audio-Visual company like Image Audiovisuals who can bundle AV and recording services and save on labor.

  • Host recorded and edited files provided by e-Attend™ on your own association website.

  • Manage your own e-commerce sales.

Integrate with Registration and App Vendors

  • Seamlessly integrate your registration data (attendees, schedules, presenters, etc.) with our database so no need to enter information twice!

  • Integrate with your App vendor to give life to your App long after the conference is over.

  • We work with your App vendor to advertise the webcast library, notify attendees of published session with push notices.