What They Don’t Want You to Know About Titles & Marketing Funnels


Digital marketing professionals and experts in the click funnel space use trade tactics to generate the majority of their online sales. It all boils down to two things: the play of psychology on your titles and the functithonality of your website. The first part is about catching the eye of an online visitor through a well thought out title. If your product or service is labeled and marketed correctly, you will most likely see an increase of clicks online. Most purchases are made on emotion.

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People buy on emotion. Knowing this key factor can help you integrate human psychology into your marketing plan. Why people click through links out of curiosity is known as the information-gap theory. Whenever we perceive a gap between what we know and what we want to know, we receive an emotional distress or curiosity, then become motivated to obtain the missing information to fill in the gap. How you can integrate this into your website is to write titles that build curiosity. Great article titles that generate a lot of traffic can be found on www.TheRichest.com or www.BuzzFeed.com.


Tools are also available for you to use when creating a catchy title. If you need help generating titles check out www.contentrow.com for examples. Model your titles to attract your customers. For instance, check out these titles:

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The Most Incredible Article About Marketing You’ll Ever Read
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Having a catchy title to your services will give you the edge in attracting traffic to your website. The goal is to generate traffic and move qualified candidates through your funnel to the end result: purchasing your product or service. The power of the internet makes it possible to automate your process and save you time.


To develop a good marketing funnel, you will need your website to be set up as a marketing funnel.  A great website is easy for your clients to navigate, and that is why marketing funnels are so nice to integrate into your website. For all types of businesses, you will need to have all your strategies lined out. Here is how your basic click funnel should look:


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You first market to your audience on social media. There are many social media networks available. Each social network works differently for each type of business. Depending on your business model, one or two social media networks may work better over the rest.

The top social media platforms available in 2017 are:  



This is the first step. Your free advertisement. There are many ways to go about developing a following, for more information on growing your audience, check this article out.

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The second step of developing your marketing funnel is to link posts, particularly blogs or promotions on products and services, to your website. This method is known as driving traffic to your website.


The third step is to build a landing page on your website. This can capture emails of visitors who are interested in your products or services. There is a science of why email marketing is very successful.

The fourth step is to hire a professional agency like Impression Campaigns or Danielle Writes, Ink.  to create engaging content. Content is king when it comes to getting traffic. Get in touch through our contact form.

The steps following can be tailored to your products or services in any manner, so long as they follow the general rule of thumb: lead your clients through your website where they can purchase the products or services they need.


Developing a good marketing funnel takes a concentrated effort and an investment of time. There are many options available to develop click funnel, but it is recommended to hire someone who operates as a business boutique. Working with someone to tailor a marketing funnel who is an expert will not only save you time but also help you streamline your business processes in a manner that fits your business model. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today for a free consultation.


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