Before a wedding there is always a story to capture, waiting for the moment of commencement. Depending on the product purchased, Impression Campaigns will follow the bride and groom to show the full story that is unfolding. The beginning, middle and end of your wedding are all crucial parts to telling a story. Many couples will be able to remember their special day with a visual story for years to come.

The happiest moments of someone’s life are usually the most cherished for the years that are to come. Impression Campaigns multiple camera angles and high definition technology give couples their longest lasting memory captured for a lifetime together. With nominal pricing for any company, Impression Campaigns delivers its products and service with their unique style and flair.

We would be honored to attend the after party. Dressed to impress, our camera crew will be there to capture it all. Capturing the moment is what we do. From father-daughter-dances to driving away in a horse drawn carriage we capture the most important story elements on this special occasion.

Below are some Examples of Weddings performed by Lodocinema, LLC

Brian Collin’s Wedding (click to open)

Jenny & Braynt Hadden (click to open)

Carrie & Steven Rechsteiner (click to open)

Nelly Jo and Jeff’s Wedding (click to open)

Hoffecker Wedding (click to open)

Shot at the Chateau in Broomfield Colorado.

Zoe and Carter King’s Wedding (click to open)

First Look





Garter Toss

Dance Floor

Jacqueline Terrasi Wedding (click to open)

Each video is a chapter in the DVD. Jacqueline’s wedding was themed from the movie UP. Pick a chapter! There all good!

Ashleigh and Michael Moshier’s Wedding (click to open)

Lori & Ed’s Wedding (click to open)