VPN’s – They’re Not Just For The Dark Web

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VPN’s – They’re Not Just For The Dark Web


VPN & The Dark Web
You’ve probably heard of the dark web, or more commonly known as the deep web. Some sites on Google say that the dark web is about 99% of the entire world wide web that you don’t see. What you and I commonly use is the surface web, which is were gmail, Facebook, and vice are. The dark web is a pretty big database that is criminal in nature, though some people use the dark web to communicate with family abroad when people are searching for political refugee.


If you haven’t read or viewed a news article on it, the Silk Road was one of the best known illegal black markets for best known as a platform for selling illegal drugs. One of the most appealing parts about the dark web is anonymity. People can log in to the dark web, buy illegal stuff, and be back home in time for dinner. One of the ways people keep their anonymity is by hiding their IP address, which is a unique sequence of numbers that identifies your computer and every other computer on the internet. It’s basically your social security number, but for your computer.

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The Dangers of Sharing Your IP Address
When you have a VPN, your likelihood of your computer getting hacked goes way down. When people can view your IP address, your computer is vulnerable to being hacked.  


If You Don’t Have VPN
You should probably get one. Having a VPN as a dark web user, or a surface web user, will protect your device. If anything, download a VPN to protect your devices and add an extra level of security. Trust me, you’re worth it.


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Why The Public Should Use VPN
Even if you’re just googling on how cats are taking over the web, you might want a VPN to hide your computer from the potential risky websites you encounter on a daily basis. Having a VPN is worth the investment. The same risks  apply to those on the dark web, as they do on the surface web.


Take Action

Check out VPN, they have some free versions as well as paid ones. It’s definitely a good investment, trust me your security is worth it.

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