Video Marketing 101 for 2017

In 2016 alone, big tech company Cisco estimated that roughly 90% of all web traffic was video based. In our current market, where everything is moving online, people prefer to spend 2-3 minutes watching a video over reading something that may take up to 20 minutes to complete. In fact, 55% of marketers who use video in their email campaigns reported increased click through rates (eMarketer). Incorporating video into your business marketing model will draw more eyes on your business, and send traffic to your company website.

Why should you integrate video into your business?
  1. Video users are expected to double to 16 billion in 2018 (
  2. 52% of consumers say that watching a video makes them more confident in online purchases (inovado).
  3. If you provide services to companies, you should also know that 75% of corporate executives watch work-related videos at least once a week, 75%!
  4. On social media, your audience will be more likely to share a video on Instagram and Vine

An overwhelming number of companies, with an online presence, have videos and include them on their landing pages. WebDAM reports that having video on your company website has increased online conversions by an astounding 87%.

Video is easier for your audience to connect with, and can say more about your company in a couple minutes. It will build instant rapport with your audience and increase sale conversions into clients more rapidly.

Video is one of the most easily consumed form of information, you can incorporate SEO into your video to ensure your audience is able to view your company first in search results. This will cast a large net that will raise the percentage of viewers that convert into clients.

Video is a simple way to get your company information out on the web. Let us help clients find your website through video.

Steps to Producing Good Video:

  1. Market Research

    • You want to know how successful a video campaign will be. It’s a numbers game. The more people that watch your video the more traffic, sales, and cash-flow results you’ll start to see from organic traffic. You want to find leading keywords that you want to rank for. This will ensure your success.


  2. Script Writing

    • A script is a working document that will give you the forethought and structure of your video. Stories are what entertains, grabs your audience. In video production, a story is made four times: Script, On Set, In the edit and then the hearts and minds of your audience.


  3. Storyboards

    • Storyboards give you a template to work off of when you get on set. This will give you a clear step by step process for shooting and managing your video assets as you form your story on to the screen. A storyboard is a communication tool and will give you a proof-of-concept before you start shooting.


  4. Equipment

    • The type of equipment that you use is important. It will set you apart from all the others. When you have the right tools to get the result you’re looking for it will give you an edge in your market while delivering professional results. Most people won’t consider this a high priority, but it matters.


  5. Locations

    • Location, location, location(s). Setting the scene will give your audience context. Some might shirk this because they are limited or lazy but when you’ve found the right forum for presentation others won’t be able to match what you found. Spend time looking for a great location.


  6. Talent

    • Whether your script requires voice-over talent, the CEO of your company or a spokesperson for your product be sure they are well spoken, prepped and ready to present at their best. Talen comes in many forms but the execution and delivery of your message is essential tool.


  7. Editing

    • Editing is an art form that comes with time. Finding the right editor is not easy. Everyone has their artistic differences and if you’re unfamiliar with that territory it can be daunting and time-consuming. Get professional help and equipment for this stage. It will take your production from pro to elite.


  8. Graphic Design

    • Branding and graphic design is the cherry on the cake. You have a duty to prepare and present the best graphic design. Make it simple and to the point. Take time to complete this step because most people will always judge a book by the cover. You want to ensure the wrapping looks it’s best.


  9. Call-to-Action

    • This is where you give your soft sell. If you’ve delivered VALUE in your presentation and the information you bring to the table then people are more than likely to take the next step with you. Be specific and make your value proposition intentional. This is the beginning of beautiful relationship.