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Design Consultation

This simple step is where we find out what you’re looking for and how we can deliver. Each of our tools offers incredible results based on what your targeted customers are looking for. We want to find ways to reach your market niche and deliver incredible results. The purpose of this consultation is to talk about your brand identity, and the best way to create a campaign that works for your budget and schedule to attract your customers as soon as possible.


Concept is Key

We want your brand to be the pinnacle point of your campaign. We want to leave a lasting impression on your prospective market and differentiate you from the rest of your competitors. The best way to make your company stand out from the rest is concept. Concept attaches your company’s identity to your brand which in turn will bring you the best results in traffic, sales and profit.


Campaign Identity

Every company has an identity and we design your campaign to complement yours. We help you with brand development and implementation with unique industry tools that help you reach more customers. Impression Campaigns will develop your online identity to match your concept and company goals. Whatever your industry we pre-sell your clients on your products and services so you don’t have to.


Development Details

One of the tools we use on a campaign is video production. We start by creating a script keyed off of your brand identity, your concept, and upon which your advertising is based. This creates an impression on your market and is the start of the selling process. From there we create a marketing funnel and social networks to develop new leads. Each branch of social networking is implemented – very important to your success in reaching new clients. From there we develop your website to be simple and accomplish one thing: drive traffic to you.


The Process

Once your campaign is established and running, the measure of its success will be available to you through a dashboard associated with your website. Through our statistics and analytics tools you will be able to see the value established in your band and identity. You will have access to real time tools that help distinguish the performance of the campaign’s sales, marketing, impressions and prospect reach. Each new campaign will bring new sales, strategy and opportunities to your company. We grow, when you grow.


Rinse and Repeat

We use the results of our campaign strategies to innovate the way we run future campaigns. We implement new campaign strategies with new developments. As our company grows yours will too. Each new campaign will be designed to generate sales efficiently and with greater ease than before. Once your campaign reaches an optimum level of customers and sales, it’s time to implement a new campaign. Fortunately, the infrastructure, team and marketing funnel will already be established.

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