Branding Guide For Your Media Platform

& Why You Should Be Building a Media Platform

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The longer you stick with a goal you want to accomplish, the more expertise you build in the respective practice.

You may have been to a couple eCommerce and freelance websites where you’ve clicked through a business social media link, and happen to be through all the clicked through all the landing pages before you hover over the  ‘Purchase’ button.


What makes these websites so easy to flow through? It boils down to design. Experts in digital marketing have developed blueprint design that consists of 3 parts: Social Media Presence, Valuable Content Consumers Need, &  Websites with Simple User Interface.


Before we begin to write about advanced Clickfunnels, let’s dive into what each part of the blueprint consists of.

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Social Media:

One of the lowest overhead costs of marketing today is on social media. You can run PPC ads and sponsored content on social media, though you may want to look into building organic traffic. Sponsored content and organic content coincide. Depending on your specific product or service, either organic or paid marketing work better over the other.


For part one of the social media to website bridge, you will want to develop Klout online. Initially, it is recommended you will want to build organic traffic. Next, you will need to determine what social media platform you want to use. Upon further business development, you can expand onto to other social media platforms. Mastering one platform in the beginning, before expanding, will build your online presence in a more stabilized matter. To further describe why a classical business adage will be added here: quality over quantity.


You will need to research what platform best suits your business. A fashion company would do better on Instagram, and a law firm would do better on LinkedIn. You will need to understand what your business truly provides, and then research where your clients will primarily reside online.


Pair organic traffic + best social media platform and you’ve got the first part of the recipe down. You may want to check out a branding guide on how to make your social media presence look aesthetically appealing.


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Valuable Content:

When you have your social media framework laid out from above, your next task will be to create content that adds value to a person’s life. For example, a travel blog that provides ‘10 Things To Do In Spain” and omits “Check Out My Vacation Photos’ will likely trend better.


This is because people would rather know what you’ve done to make a process more efficient. People like companies who solve their problems. If your company is a solution finder, you will likely thrive in the marketplace.


“Necessity is the mother of invention.”


Website Basics:

Once you have part one and two mastered, you will need to have your website set up correctly to receive traffic and capture all the information necessary for you to provide your audience with the products and services they need.


What does your website need in order to convert visitors into clients?


Upon traffic arrival to your website, a well-developed website has a landing page. Depending On what type of business you have, you will need to adjust your landing page accordingly. Most commonly, websites have a landing page that offers an ebook in exchange for a visitors email. To understand why email is so important in e-commerce, check out this article.

After a visitor clicks through your landing page with an email capture, you will need to have valuable content ready for viewers to interact with. Video is one of the most popular types of media online. A ‘welcome to my page’ video is a great introduction to building instant rapport with your audience.


The next essential item, among many, will be to have e-commerce integrated into your website. This is helpful when your clients want to purchase a product or service from you. A website with simple user interface that is easily to navigate will likely generate more revenue than a complicated website.


A good website will also have a security certificate. This encrypts your client’s information when they go to purchase your products or services. Having a security certificate will make your website look professional, and give your clients peace of mind that their information is safe when they purchase from you.

If people want what you have, make it easy for them to connect with your products and services.

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Upon creating the bridge from your social media presence to your company website, you will have a framework outline on how to attract clients from social media and convert your audience into clients. We all have valuable information, why not make it easier for your clients to find you? Call or click today to find out how you can build your bridge.

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