Social Media Best Practices

Develop Your Brand

Some people don’t really know where to go with this practice, but is truly is one of the most important ones to keep in mind and develop effectively. So how do you effectively develop your brand? As mentioned above, sit with yourself and write down what your company mission statement is. Take time and think deeply.

Once you have developed your mission statement, start thinking about your logo. Your brand is an extension of yourself, and of your company. It is all a reflection of you.

Using is a great place to start to develop your logo, banner art for your social media platforms, and also infographics. Visual aids help audience members get a sense of your style. When done correctly, you have effectively messaged your company ideas to your audience.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Some of my clients produce their work on LinkedIn and Facebook. Both are good platforms to start on. Though, each social media platform works well with different businesses. For example, a fashion designer would do well on Instagram, but probably not LinkedIn. After developing your brand, explore different social media platforms to see what ones would fit best with your company vision. Remember that good things take time, and it won’t be easy, so remember to put quality over quantity. Master one social media platform, and move on to the next.

Your social media platforms are in supply – here are the most popular ones:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. YouTube
  6. Snapchat
  7. Begin With The End In Mind

This may be one of Steven Covey’s classical habits of Highly Successful People, but it is also important to apply this habit to your online presence. Setting measurable goals and benchmarks will help you track your progress, and build your confidence. A handful of examples for build your following can be any of the following:

  1. 500 new followers in 1 month
  2. 2 new social media streams
  3. Guest blog about 1 new influencer in your field

Know where you want to be, and set goals and benchmarks to get there. Make a plan and stick with it.

Utilize the Best Times to Post

Timing is everything, and this couldn’t be more true for social media.

Did you know?

Each social media platform has a ‘prime-time’ for posting? This means that during certain times of the day, more audience members are online during certain times of the day and are more likely to view your content. Each post will generate more interactions when paired with keyword hashtags (1 to 3) and photos. Always make sure to research your industry keywords, and cite your photos or find royalty-free photos. For all original content, you need to point your audience viewers towards your website. What does this mean? Simply include a link to your website with a post when you add content to social media. Original content is key but is just one part of the recipe. Gear your content to be posted from Monday through Thursday, also known as Social Media Business Hours.

The Recipe as deemed by social media influencer Danielle:
Facebook: 1pm-4pm at least 1x-3x per day.
Twitter: 1pm-3pm at least 5x per day.
LinkedIn: 7am – 9am at least 4x-5x a week

Social media is essential for a survival of a business in the tech age, make sure you follow the best practices to do it correctly. Follow the tips above for a great platform, and keep learning. One quick note: many established companies online who have good following have been in The Game for a lot longer. Keep up with it, and post good content.

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