Mergelane Live (Livestreaming)

Mergelane Live (Livestreaming)

Hatch with Jason Kallas introduced by Tom Virden, Co-Founder of Nymbl

Start Wise with Grace Shing introduced by Megan Ben – Co-FOunder of Reverly Brands

Atlas Vault with Adam Anderson introduced by Joe Zell, General Partner at Grotech Ventures

Littlelane with Maren Bannon Introduced by Yoav Larie CEO and Founder, Simple Energy

Anya Hamill Senior Director at WhiteWave Foods

Alchemie with Julia Winter Introduced by Krista Marks Co-Founder and CEO, Woot Math

Ballot Ready Alex Niemczewski Introduced by David Axelrod Former Senior Advisor to the President Obama

Cabsolutely Virag Reti – Introduced By Howard Diamond, CEO of MobileDay

CloudForest by Aide Fitch Indroduced By Lisa Stone, CO-FOunder, Former CEO Blogher Inc.

“If you haven’t been to a MergeLane Demo Day, be sure to go. MergeLane’s Demo Day is incredible.”–Seth Levine, Foundry Group
Please join us for the second annual MergeLane Demo Day with 10 terrific startups, all with at least one woman in leadership. In addition to riveting pitches, we will have special guests, at least one snappy musical number, and we again welcome you to bring your kids (above 6 years old) for “Take Your Daughter (or Son) to Demo Day.”

MergeLane is a startup accelerator and fund designed to prove that investing in women is not just the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. We recruit companies from all over the world to find the most promising high-growth startups with at least one woman in leadership. We make an investment in those companies, and match them with mentors, investors and resources to help change the ratio and show the world that investing in women makes great business sense.

As part of this effort, we run a 12-week startup accelerator for 10 select companies each year. MergeLane’s 12-week program pairs a select group of high-growth companies with industry-leading mentors and CEO coaches with the goal of dramatically increasing their growth trajectory. This Demo Day is our annual event to showcase these companies.

After our sold-out event last year, we’re excited for an even bigger and better event this year. You’ll be touched, inspired, and entertained. We promise. Visit with us, our founders, and mentors and investors from Boulder and around the nation who have chosen, like you, to support MergeLane’s mission and to #changetheratio.