What Is Livestreaming?

Livestreaming is presenting video and different types of media over the internet for users to watch in real time. Companies can benefit from streaming in multiple ways, whether through increasing brand awareness or having a monetized live stream for an event. Livestreaming is one of the fastest growing ways on the internet to reach a live-targeted audience.

The technology is relatively new, though a select amount of high performance companies are already on board with this trend. Many business owners still have questions on how to incorporate livestream into their business models, and many others are unaware about the positive impacts livestreaming has.

One of the benefits of livestreaming is the ability to interact with your streaming audience live. In real time, you can have instant access to feedback from viewers around the globe. The difference is seamless, and is a great way to generate a lot of leads for your business. Livestreaming increases your visibility beyond the space of your event.

Due to the nature of livestreaming, the technology used produces the highest quality video for your end users, and provides you with a recording of the event you can later use for training purposes, and resale.

Did you know you can also track viewers with analytics? To measure the marketing efforts and perceived value of your livestream event, analytics can easily be integrated to measure growth, progress, and ROI. As your business grows, so does your viewer count when you provide good quality value, and deliver through livestreaming tailored to your event.

Because livestreaming is live, it creates a sense of urgency and restriction that a user must log onto now to view the content. This sense of urgency is a great method to increase viewers, and build brand awareness through creative marketing. Let your audience know beforehand that your event is live.

To help you decide if livestreaming is right for your company, we have developed a Q&A guide to help you make the decision if for your company. Find out if you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Where Does My Livestream Go?

When presenting your audience with a livestream, viewers will be able to view your media via Facebook, YouTube, or a privately hosted website setup for a private audience. Across the internet, your livestream reach is global. Your event is not limited to the space of your event, but rather expanded tenfold with the opportunity to reach people across the internet from any location.

Why Should I Use Livestreaming?

Livestreaming your content gives you the opportunity to reach a larger audience, and to interact live with members. Because your reach is nearly infinite, livestreaming gives you the opportunity to have a global reach. Imagine promoting your brand, also be effective in other contexts, such as product and services promotions, live announcements, online classes,, and other forms of broadcasting. Companies who use livestream broadcast to communicate with their audience to provide quality value specialized for their audience. Providing specialized content helps build rapport as you niche down in your business.

How Do I Monetize My Livestream?

You can make money livestreaming in multiple ways. Here are the 3 methods you can use to incorporate in your business model:

Pay Per View

For your customers to attend a virtual livestream event, people pay to attend your events through either a subscription, or a one time event ticket. Upon a customer purchasing a subscription or ticket, they receive a unique link securely made for them to watch the livestream event on their computer anywhere in the world. Mobile options are also available.


Just as radio and tv shows have advertisements and commercials, your livestream event can also have ads. Normally, ads will appear in the lower thirds of your video, or show clips in the intermissions of your event. This method is a good way to monetize your livestream event when you prefer have an easier barrier to entry for customers to views your event live.

Similar to ads and commercial, though it is more of a generous offer from a company to sponsor your event. It is informal advertising, and normally given by a trusted advisor though a good relationship with a higher performing company who has interests in your business as well as your customers. It can be symbiotic. Virtually, you will want to reference the sponsorship throughout your livestream event.

For your company to stand out from the competitors, livestreaming is a great differentiating factor that sets you apart. To give your customers a tailored experience with live interaction and quality video, livestreaming is a great vehicle to deliver the value your customers desire. Livestreaming is the next level, get ready to stand out from the crowd.

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