How Does SEO Work?

SEO is the shorthand version for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of using key works and high ranking searchable phrases in your website content that will rank your website higher in the Google search engines. Each website is ranked by Google based on the rank. The more keywords and phrases you have in your website that is relative to your business value proposition, the higher you rank in a search. Ranking high in a search is important because your website, if SEO optimized, will rank higher than your competitors. The more intriguing and credible your content is, the more likely  you will have an increase of traffic to your website. The amount of traffic to your website also accounts for your SEO ranking. The Google search algorithms will rank you higher the more traffic you have. When you have visitors who click through a Google search to your website, Google records this as organic traffic – which is good for your website. Basically, SEO increases the viewability on the web, and ultimately can increase your traffic. The higher percentage of traffic you get to your website, the more likely you will have a higher percentage of customer conversions.

Why Do I Need It?

With the growing majority of the consumer market purchasing for goods and services online, your business livelihood depends on being found online in order for customers to find you. If your business is not online, your business will soon be on the decline – based on current market trends.  

What Do I Do With SEO?
Once your business is set up online and optimized with SEO, you should track your metrics. To do this, you will need a Google Analytics plugin to track who, what, when, where, and why people visit your should re-optimize your website. If you keep a blog, this will greatly increase your SEO ranking, simply because you are constantly creating new content relative to your industry. Many articles have been produced on the profitable gains from having a website blog.

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