Here’s What You Need To Know About the Better View Co-Pilot App

Here’s What You Need To Know About the Better View Co-Pilot App

Drone technology is becoming easier to use. For all my readers who haven’t checked out the drone company Better View, it is worth taking a look. To make using your drone technology easier, there’s an app for that! Better View is making it easier for you to work with your drones, and has released their beta app to the public for testing.

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Better Vision just released their Co-Pilot app in the Apple App Store, though it is still in the beta testing stage. The company is currently opening up the new app drone app technology for users to test.

Here is the scoop on how you can get in: After you download the app from the Apple App Store, open the app and enter “Tower” as your organization. Sorry Android users, tech will most likely be released to the android market after the initial beta stage.

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You’ll have to have an active job to do the following items:

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Need some navigation help? Check out their YouTube video here:


Their fully redesigned version is set to be released in January, which will include additional features listed here:

  • Automated flight
  • Instant authorizations for all airports
  • Built-in flight instructions (SPINS)

If you already have tried the app, you can send the company your feedback here by using this link.

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