Getting Ready To Fly Your Drone? Here’s How To Be Even More Prepared

Ready to Fly Your Drone? Here’s How To Be Even More Prepared






Drones are one of the latest technologies available to the public. More often, businesses in all sorts are using drones to capture crystal clear videos and photos, as well as deliver products, and even spray crops. Many people don’t know this, but you can get a certification to fly your drone. For commercial use, you need to have a certification. If you are just flying recreationally, then you don’t need a certification. It may be worth it to get certified, because you can turn your drone into a profit making machine.

Why Should You Get Certified

There are a lot of really interesting details about drones. In fact, a drone is classified under the  United States Federal Aviation Administration as a unmanned aerial system, or a UAS. Getting certified is a requirement.

On June 21st, 2016, legislation passed title Part 107, that effectively create a new drone certification process that covers the commercial UAS flight operations. Getting your certification allows you to operate your drone under the rules that will protect your drone and your business operations.

Customers will prefer a drone operations business with a certification, as it is more legitimate than a business without a certification. Your certification will showcase that you set goals and strive to be the best in your class.


Basic Rules You Should Know

According to, there are rules established by the FAA that consider where you can fly in airspace:

‘The FAA has defined “navigable airspace” to be 500 ft for urban and suburban areas. In rural areas, it’s 360 feet above the ground or above the tallest structure in the flying area. And since the FAA has the 400 ft ceiling for drones, which suggests that you would need the permission of the landowner to fly over his area.’

Of course there are many other rules, you can always brush up on what you need to know by visiting, which is partnered with the Federal Aviation Administration.

How & Where Do I Get Certified

You can get your certification at one of the testing centers listed

Before you go ahead to the testing center, you will need to prepare to ace your exam. You want to take the preparation course in order to pass the exam. You want to be as well prepared as you can when getting certified.

To learn more about taking the exam prep course, check out: Their prices are pretty competitive for the market. You can be sure to feel confident after you’ve taken the prep course. Arm yourself with knowledge as you go through the process to get your certification to fly your drone commercially.

Bringing It Together

If you’re ready to fly your drone, knowing some of the laws that you learn through the certification can be very useful. Not to mention that some of the regulations can save you from getting your drone confiscated. Learn to play by the rules, and you’ll be safe. Remember to have fun with it! Get your certification here.




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