First Impressions Matter: A Guide To Logos & Branding

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Whether you run a dry cleaning business or are a digital nomad, your logo is the first part of your business a customer will notice. Developing a good logo takes time, and can sometimes be changed or altered as your business begins to develop into the upper echelons of the business world. In 2017, it was reported that Nike’s iconic logo is now worth $15.9 billion. Logos may range in price, but a good logo is generally worth the investment.

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Keep It Simple

When it comes to branding, you will want to follow this simple rule: keep it simple. You want your brand to be easy to recognize, but creative enough to stand out from the rest. Your brand says a lot about you and your business. When you have a nice clean design, your customers will view your company to be organized and established. Even if you are a startup company, having a clean design is important.


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Logo vs. Brand

The terms are similar, but there is a difference. A logo is a small part of your business, and the brand is the summary of how a customer perceives your business. The logo is one of the first things a customer will notice, and this is why developing a strong logo is important for your business.


“Design is how you make your first impression with your consumers. Make sure it is a lasting one.”
Jay Samit


Your brand is the perception a customer has of your business, as well as the product or services. Customers link a business brand to the overall experiences and feelings they have from engaging in your business. Psychology today reports that studies show positive emotions toward a brand have a greater influence on consumer loyalty.


A logo is a graphic design and the face of your business. Your logo a very important part of your brand and business identity. Think of it as a shorthand summary of your overall business.

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How To Make Your Logo

There are two ways to build your logo. You can pull concept ideas and use software to construct your own design, or you can hire an expert to integrate your concept into a design. If you are not the creative type, hiring a graphic designer with experience may be the best route. Working with someone in the graphic design industry will help you develop a good logo.

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Good Things Take Time

When developing your logo, perfect it to reflect your business. Making a good logo takes time. You will want to do your best in branding your business simply because it is the face of your company. Remember: first impressions are never forgotten.

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