Colorado Christian Fellowship, four generations conference, bringing the 4 generations together.

Impression Campaigns partners with the first Intergenerational conference in Denver this year. At the 4 Gen Now conference, we had the privilege to videotape the entire show, and to provide the attendees footage from the conference that they can watch over and overs. We are privileged to work with our clients and to record all the special moments between leaders, professionals, and newcomers to each event. No two conferences are alike, and at the 4 Gen Now conference, we had the honor to serve 4 generations.

How to use Mammoth P - bottle at the CSU bio building

Mammoth P Marketing Videos 2018

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Why Using Drones Gives Your Company The Competitive Edge

Why Using Drones Gives Your Company The Competitive Edge   Drones are a relatively new technology, first developed by the military in the early 2000’s and now available for consumers.


Livestreaming is presenting video and different types of media over the internet for users to watch in real time. Companies can benefit from streaming in multiple ways, whether through increasing brand awareness or having a monetized live stream for an event. Livestreaming is one of the fastest growing ways on the internet to reach a live-targeted audience.

9 Step Guide To Create Great Marketing Videos

Video Marketing 101 for 2017

In 2016 alone, big tech company Cisco estimated that roughly 90% of all web traffic was video based. In our current market, where everything is moving online, people prefer to spend 2-3 minutes watching a video over reading something that may take up to 20 minutes to complete. In fact, 55% of marketers who use video in their email campaigns reported increased click through rates (eMarketer). Incorporating video into your business marketing model will draw more eyes on your business, and send traffic to your company website.

Applied Superconductivity Conference

Recent Research Activities of Applied Superconductivity in China Voltage Metrology with Superconductive Electronics Unconventional Superconductivity – From History to Mystery One HTS Josephson Junction – An Array of Applications Years.

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