Impression Campaigns Pairs With 4GenNow

Impression Campaigns partners with the first Intergenerational conference in Denver this year. At the 4 Gen Now conference, we had the privilege to videotape the entire show, and to provide the attendees footage from the conference that they can watch over and overs. We are privileged to work with our clients and to record all the special moments between leaders, professionals, and newcomers to each event. No two conferences are alike, and at the 4 Gen Now conference, we had the honor to serve 4 generations.

Marketing Funnel

Applied Superconductivity Conference

Recent Research Activities of Applied Superconductivity in China Voltage Metrology with Superconductive Electronics Unconventional Superconductivity – From History to Mystery One HTS Josephson Junction – An Array of Applications Years.

Principle Production Finished – ExtremeBeam

Last Day of Shooting the Extremebeam Commercial at Morrison and Eldorado Canyon. We spent all morning climbing and shooting up in Bastile Decent and then we went to lunch and hiked up Morrison trail to our exterior cave location. What an exhausting expedition but we got everything we wanted to except drone footage.

Helicopter Scene In Canyon City

It took 4 hours round trip to drive to this location but our friends at helped us out by letting us use their R44. The R44 is know for.

Beginning Scene and Green Screen

After stripping the bathroom down, doing a little cleaning, and laying out all of Melissa’s makeup, hair drier and girly stuff the bathroom scene worked great! Amazing lighting, great camera.

Eldorado Location Scouting Expedition

Eldorado is a beautiful part of Colorado. Check out our climbing location for Extremebeam!

Ice Chasm - Extremebeam location shoot

First Location Shoot for Extremebeam in Ken Caryl Ranch

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