Proposal Writing

Proposal Writing

Understanding your client needs are important. To earn business, showing how to integrate your services to your client’s needs will provide the bridge between you and your client. To help your clients understand how you can help them achieve their goals, a formal written proposal is necessary. Having everything down on paper provides a visual aspect to your offerings your clients can read, take a copy, and share with others.


Livestreaming is presenting video and different types of media over the internet for users to watch in real time. Companies can benefit from streaming in multiple ways, whether through increasing brand awareness or having a monetized live stream for an event. Livestreaming is one of the fastest growing ways on the internet to reach a live-targeted audience.

Do you have something to sell online?

I’ve created a tutorial that can help you start selling your products today. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you the 5 simple steps to create your online E-commerce.

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