Campaign Contribution and Outline

Hello and thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit our website. Our team at Impression Campaigns would like to introduce our new 13 video Series:

  1. Introduction: Resentful, Greedy, manipulative Mother’s Guide to Destroying Your Children and Their Father (satire)
  2. Children Need Both Parents
  3. The Iron Triangle of Family Law
  4. The Resentful, Greedy Manipulative Mother’s Plan to Get and keep Custody of Children.
  5. Second, Call The Dept. of Children and Families – (“DCF”) – The Second Side of the Iron Triangle
  6. Third, File and emergency motion for full custody in Probate and Family Court – The third side of the Iron Triangle
  7. Fourth, Go in for the Kill – Make a false police report about a restraining order violation and get him arrested and put in jail
  8. Fifth, Go For the Dough!
  9. Sixth, FIle a Complaint for Contempt for Child Support
  10. Seventh, Keep the temporary order in place as long as possible
  11. Eight, Take the children to “Therapy”
  12. Ninth, Obstruct, Obstruct, Obstruct.
  13. Deal With The Guilt

The pilot for this video has been approved by the Author: Greg Hession of