How To Make Your Landing Page Even Better

We all know that a great landing page generates hot leads for your business, but how do you make it even better? In this week’s article, we are going to breakdown the specifics of a great landing page. No shame here, we lay it all out. Ready to update your landing page? Let’s go!



You may already have a landing page, or have had someone set something similar up on your website. The information below will provide the value on how to make your current landing page even better.

First off, what is a landing page?

A landing page is what website visitors first see when they click on an external link to your website. Visitors make a decision whether to stay on your page or leave. A good landing page will have many of the following items, in addition to functionality + aesthetic appeal.


Okay, but why do I need a landing page?

The purpose of a good landing page is to generate leads for your business and build your company brand. The more content you have on the internet, the better for your website ranking. A website that has a lot of organic traffic, email subscribers, and content that people find valuable is searchable and optimized, this is also known as SEO.




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The Recipe!

Okay, okay, I will now show you what a good landing page is made of, and how you can begin to pick out some of the ideas laid out in this blog post to apply to your current landing page.

A. If you are familiar with your website, you probably use one of the following CMS (content management systems): WordPress, Wix, or Drupal. Each platform will have plugins with specially written code that accomplish very specific things and are highly customizable. You will want to download the plugins that are compatible with your website and do not conflict with other plugins.  Search for a landing page plugin, and install the plugin into your website. Make sure you activate the plugin before moving ahead. A good place to start is using the plugin from lead pages.

B. The next move is perhaps one of the most important: integrating your email sign up on your landing page. Services like MailChimp or Constant Contact are handy when it comes to integrating with any of the website software platforms. Having an email signup on your landing page is essential!

C. Your landing page will have an email sign up that website visitors will share their email in order to receive the perceived value from your website. You may have already heard the word on the street, but email lists are incredibly valuable for an online business. Once you start to build up your email list, you will want to send newsletters that enhance the reader’s knowledge about what you do, and eventually lead your readers to convert into clients, buyers, and sound customers.

D. The next step is to get your landing page functioning properly. Functionality comes before aesthetic appeal. You may want to work with a web developer to have your landing page set to where it is easy to navigate.

E. Once you have your functionality going, you will want to develop or repurpose, your website content. Have multiple brief paragraphs explaining what you do, and why a person should sign up for your newsletter. Providing many forms of digestible content will encourage a person to sign up, and ultimately want to hire you or buy products and services from you. Always deliver.

F. The last step, other than adjustments here and there, is branding. Making your landing page aesthetically appealing will give your website visitors something that is easy on the eyes, and also gives people a sense of your style. Hiring a branding expert is helpful when you want to convey a strong message. Add your logo, 3-4 colors, and sleek designs.


Now you have the formula for the optimal landing page to make yours into a great one. Convert traffic into paying clients where you can provide value through your email newsletters. Allow your business will grow with the principals laid out in our landing page framework. For consultations on how to make your landing page even better, call 303.351.1864 for more information, or send us an email at

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