Denver ExtremeBeam Flashlight Commercial https://youtu.be/FPTSP7xDS04

About the Company:

ExtremeBeam provides application-specific hand held lighting solutions—”The Right Light at the Right Time”— to a variety of markets for high-demand uses in areas such as hunting, game management, fishing, marine, camping, hiking and scuba. ExtremeBeam also provides solutions to markets where the ability to see is critical in low-light situations, including industrial, safety, military and law enforcement and oil and gas.

About the Shoot:

This crew is awesome. With Tim Brazzell working as the director of photography, we had an excellent first day on set. Thank you to the Ken-Caryl’s open space manager, from the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association. With Alex Stypula and Peter Holben helping us with our safety and climbing expertise, I couldn’t be in better hands. And, of course, our main man of the night Brian Hughes! What an awesome guy. He took care to make the scene fascinating with his climbing skills and pois on the rocks. He fell, he flew, he knew what to do. Great Job guys.

After hiking all over Eldorado Canyon with Shannon Whitmore and Brian Hughes, there didn’t seem to be a rock formation and “chams” that we were looking for.

Amazing lighting, great camera angles, and we even had a dolly track that we used for a wide shot. Thank you Chris Hage for letting us use your humble abode! The green screen scenes went well. Brian Hughes fell on the crash pad like 10 times. I demonstrated the same action and it’s not a friendly fall. Well done. I think it’s the last time I’ll ask my cast to do their own stunts… We had to chase the sun around a tree after coffee and donuts. This will be fun keying it in during post production.

It took 4 hours round trip to drive to this location but our friends at http://www.coloradovertical.com/ helped us out by letting us use their R44. The R44 is know for it’s safety and record, reliability and speed. They are #2 in 2012 as one of the best helicopters in the world.

This was a great opportunity to get to shoot in the hanger with green screen with Jeph Yorque and David Connelly. We moved the green screen around as we shot through the helicopter from inside and outside.

The lighting provided us a good green screen for footage at our next shooting location at Eldorado Canyon. This will be our next shoot and final day. When we shoot the climbing and exterior chasm locations.

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