BUST A MOVE [REMIX] 2017 – A Tales For All The Fellas

This project started in a bar in the upper west Highlands in Denver, CO. Dave Connelly with Dissoniq Music and Michael Hering with Impression Campaigns sat down to create, storyboard by storyboard, a recreation of the 1989 Bust A Move song by Young MC.

We began by storyboarding out a song verse by verse while sitting down with an open canvas of creativity and jotting quick notes in the form of pictures on a piece of paper. Dave Connely and I walked through every second of the song and planned out our characters in a space that would require us to do a lot of legwork, but everything worked out as we planned at each location including a wedding up in Granby, CO, Lodos bar and grill, the Retro Room on Market Street, the top of the swimming pool in My Block Wash park and, of course, in front of my garage. We also flew the drone and super imposed Dave with green screen and special effects with footage of billboards lined up along Colfax between I-25 and Federal Boulevard.

This is one of the most fulfilling campaigns produced to date at for Impression Campaigns. Working with talented musicians and live events lay the groundwork for independent video production in Colorado.

If you’d like to you know more we’re planning a music festival September 16 at the Westminster park-and-ride with artists like the PeteBOX and many others who will be introducing a new genre of music in the 21st-century we look forward to seeing you there.


Thank you to my beautiful Friend Maria Rodriguez! She is an amazing person, friend, and hair stylist. If you need your hair did or are not happy with where you currently get your hair did. See if you can line something up with her. She’s amazing and very booked for this reason. Favorite Scene shot yet for this video for a couple reasons.



We are donating a portion of the proceeds to the Studio School and in the future multiple schools to their music and arts, instruments for the schools and scholarships as well. And the fundraiser I’ve been putting together was what actually kickstarted this whole festival idea. So big things to come. Just starting small and happy to have my daughters school be the first to benefit from The Dissoniq Conformity Fundraiser.



I’m very exited to announce I’m playing at Dissoniq Music Festival (Looping Festival) hosted by Dissoniq Music Loop in Denver, USA on September 16th! Looks like an awesome event with loop artists from all over coming together to show the limitless possibilities of the loop pedal! Go check it out peeps! Can’t wait to get the the States!!!



Thank you everybody for your help in getting these scenes done and shot. Only a few more to go!! Thank you Impression Campaigns Erik Aragon Frank DeWitt Holstein Christian Christian Dakota Perez Jonathan Brown Marty Connelly Elizabeth Robinson Michael Hering


Tickets can be found at https://dissoniq.com/