William Providence specializes in car accident cases. He believe that an attorney should add value to your case, not just evaluate the value of your case. One of the most important ways an attorney can add value is in minimizing the time to completion. With the right attorney, your case can take half the time or even one-third the time it would otherwise take.

This means a case that would have otherwise taken 18 months can be, and should be, finished in 6 months to 9 months.

In personal injury cases, the attorney needs to understand medical treatments, know medical providers, and also understand insurance protocols. He should be available to you at all times, and he shouldn’t be afraid to advise you at every step. Many attorneys take the approach of not advising their clients for fear of being second guessed. Your attorney needs to have the wisdom to turn hindsight into foresight and have no reservations about being second guessed.

Working closely together, we can remove unnecessary treatments that would otherwise not only hinder your cases’ financial value, but also unnecessarily lengthen the time to completion. Removing unnecessary treatments also minimizes insurance defense tactics which often aim to prove that the treatments received were unnecessary in order to damage a case’s crediblity.

The competitive advantage gained in working with me are speed to completion and higher net amounts from fewer wasted treatments. He has finished surgery cases within 5 months. Though the time to completion cannot be guaranteed and will vary from person to person, it can be expedited in every single case…and it can be expedited tremendously. Thus, the case can be accelerated, while at the same time removing insurance defense tactics. As a result, several results happen at the same time:

  1. The speed of a case is dramatically increased.
  2. insurance defense tactics are removed
  3. The value of the case is increased in that it is credible and without flaw
  4. The amount left for the client is increased from less waste on their case


This is the importance of having a hands on attorney. An attorney that is familiar with medical treatments and insurance protocols and not afraid to advise his clients for fear of being second guessed can help the case move along at much higher speeds and also provide value in terms of increased recovery. This is what I aim to do in every case.

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